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June 1 @ 4:00 PM

From Chaos Motorsports:

“This is a day for youth only!
Great opportunity to get the kids involved and come show your support.

We’ve had several generous people and businesses give back to the future of our sport for a give away we will do at the conclusion of the show

Those items so far:

80s fullsize gm
Camry or w body
10k graphics roof sign
Koch transmission coolers
2 sets of Hilljob Graphix body decals

If you’re interested in looking at rules check out the Chaos Motorsports Facebook group under the files tab. Chain compact, Chain fullsize and Autocross are the same for adults as it is for the youth.

Reason age requirement and rules are the way that they are, is because it falls into same category as the Youth National Championship.

There will be 6 total youth drivers that will be given the opportunity to drive in the Youth National Championship since Chaos Motorsports is a nominating promoter for the Youth!”

If you have questions on ANYTHING please reach out to Dylan Sanvig 320-287-3050, chaosmotorsportsmn@gmail.com or Chaos Motorsports on ANY social media platforms.